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Get close to them as fast as you can. 50 HCPs, 2 days.

Need to consult with healthcare professionals but don't have the time or resources for a comprehensive research project?  50H2 is your solution. 50H2 was inspired by our client's need to access healthcare professionals quickly and affordably.  View the video to see if 50H2 is right for you.

50H2 Healthcare Market Research

50H2 gets you the information you need quickly and affordably.
  • Access the most trusted healthcare panel in the industry
  • Ask your questions. Qual, quant and combinations permitted
  • Include screening questions as needed
  • Get real-time online access to participant responses
  • Projects move from quote to completion seamlessly


Answers to open-end questions are insightful, with prompts for detail when answers are too brief
An average response of 40 words per question


A variety of questions can be used - sliders, point scales, multiple-choice, etc.
Easily downloadable Excel results, charts and cross-tabulations


Video and audio files
Target product profiles
Email updates for key responses and milestones
Customizable word count requirements by question
Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research
50H2 gives you the answers you need when you need them
  • Receive valuable information at a fraction of the cost of a full-service study
  • Respond quickly to market challenges without delays and budget approvals
  • Make educated, confident decisions on everything from product to business development
Product Development Research

Product Development

Needs and Gaps
Competitive Assessment

Medical Marketing Research


Message Testing
Concept Review
Brand Strategy

Healthcare Business Development

Business Development

Growth Opportunities
Customer Satisfaction

Healthcare Market Research Company

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Product Development

A major pharmaceutical business development team leverages 50H2 to broadly assess market needs and review potential product opportunities.

Needs and Gaps:
A leading pharma consulting company applies 50H2 to evaluate a potential market need which led to the proposal of a more comprehensive research study.


Brand Strategy:
A startup biotech company utilizes 50H2 to evaluate new product labeling with both providers and payers.

Message Testing:
A leading pharmaceutical company uses 50H2 to measure perceptions of Direct to Physician Message Campaigns through various media sources.

Business Development

A major pharmaceutical uses 50H2 to access healthcare professionals for quarterly forecasting of a niche market.

Customer Satisfaction:
A diagnostics company employs 50H2 to monitor sales effectiveness and customer satisfaction on a quarterly basis.