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  At Reckner, research is our only business.  For more than 20 years, we have been focusing on the details, so you can obtain the data you need to best advise your clients.

Experienced, Personalized Attention

  • Dedicated, on-site project managers and client hosts
  • Teammates with an average tenure of 10+ years
  • Cross-functional training & a broad knowledge base  
  • Creative, flexible, proactive solutions to even the most exacting standards and specifications

Top-Rated Facilities

  • Well-appointed client spaces with private entrances, wireless internet, video streaming, video conferencing & flat screen televisions
  • Comfortable focus group rooms provide traditional necessities plus the flexibility and technology to meet your special needs
  • Flexible multi-purpose rooms that are large and can be configured to your specifications
  • Commercial Central Location Testing facilities for product testing in the food, beverage, personal care & household care industries
  • Test kitchens, sink booths & fragrance rooms

State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Web-enabled video cameras
  • Portable, wireless CAPI units
  • Video conferencing
  • Video streaming
  • DVD recording
  • Wireless Internet access

People.  Passion.  Inspiration. 

At Reckner, we’re passionate about the details, so you can focus on your clients.

Contact: Pete Grubb, Executive Director
+1 215.822.6220, pgrubb@reckner.com



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