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Flexible field services from an industry veteran

With 25+ years' experience, Reckner is the flexible field partner you need. In addition to Reckner facilities, you can rely on us for many other field services. Our in-house programming team can program anything, and our national iHUT management team has managed hundreds of iHUTs. We also have project management team that boasts a 10-year average tenure, and our in-house phone room is uniquely trained to identify the most qualified and engaged respondents.

Central Location Product Tests & Taste Tests

Reckner offers experienced and extensive CLT capabilities. Both our facilities and our staff are able to complete large quotas and complex designs with quick turnarounds. Our spacious, multi-purpose study rooms are well-suited to large equipment and display studies. And, food and beverage research projects are easily conducted using our fully-equipped test kitchens. On-site supervisors and technicians are engaged and dependable, able to provide the experience, professionalism and flexibility your CLT requires. And, we have fully-trained food service personnel, who are well-versed on the detailed protocols of product preparation and testing.

Field Management

Flexible field management solutions provide as little or as much support as you need. With an average tenure of 10+ years, our experienced Field Management team has extensive knowledge in all methodologies and provides personal attention to every research study. Project Managers monitor all field sites (Reckner and non-Reckner).

Focus Groups, Ethnographies, IDIs & Usability Labs

Reckner delivers the right respondents for your in-person research. We know what it takes to provide carefully-screened, quality respondents. We handle every detail with attentive service, and we provide adaptive flexibility to satisfy changing needs and special requests. Our spacious and comfortable focus group facilities are supervised by an on-site Client Host, who is trained to ensure that your study is successful. With well-equipped viewing rooms and state-of-the-art technology, the Reckner facilities have been consistently Impulse Survey Top-Rated for many years.

Home Use Tests

Reckner is an expert in executing local and national Home Use Tests. We know that Home Use Tests demand a committed participant. We go beyond the initial qualification and recruiting to identify users who will faithfully adhere to their responsibilities for the project. And, we manage the logistics of your product placement plan. With large multi-purpose rooms and flexible storage facilities, our facilities readily support product handling and distribution.

Programming, Hosting & Data Processing

Reckner's in-house Team can program anything. From complex methodologies and randomizations to concept websites, Reckner's headquarters-based, DP Team provides custom, flexible solutions to address any programming requirement. With an average tenure of 10+ years, our experienced programming team will deliver the data in any format - cross tabs, verbatims, you name it.


Reckner delivers the right respondents for your research, every time. Whether we use our database or your client's list, our recruitment team will find the right people. We utilize active database management and stringent quality control protocols, so your research project will be recruited to your exact specifications. We can recruit for any methodology - focus groups, in-depth interviews, teledepths, online bulletin boards, shop-alongs, etc.

Sensory Testing

Reckner offers state-of-the-art sensory testing facilities. Our facilities feature fully-equipped test kitchens, flexible multi-purpose rooms, ASTM-standard personal care booths, ASTM-standard food/beverage booths and specialized product testing rooms. We also offer a trained, Sensory Descriptive Panel through our sister company, the Institute for Sensory Research.

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