Happy Halloween from Reckner

It’s Halloween!

It’s that time of year again! Time for pumpkin spice everything, for costumes and parties, and time to share our spookiest, scariest, most bone-chilling horror stories from our facilities. 

We tried to find some, but the discussion went sort of like this:

“Remember the time we were setting up for a kitchen test and the grease trap was full?” 

“Yeah, but that wasn’t really scary because that guy came in and fixed it so no one even knew about it.”

“Well, what about the time we were scheduled to test 300 respondents in the middle of a blizzard?” 

“Hey, we ended up with 275 completes, so I can’t say that was bone-chilling either, except for the snow, of course.”

“Then there was the time the alcoholic beverage we were to test was packed wrong? We ended up with a box of broken bottles leaking alcohol all over the desk.”

“Yes, but again, it was re-shipped and got here on time, so not very spooky in the end.”

Bottom line – we couldn’t think of any real horror stories from our facilities because even the most “disastrous” projects are just another day at the office for us! That’s what you need at Halloween and always: an experienced field partner who thinks outside the box and who is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make your project successful.

You’ll have to get your Halloween Horror Stories from someone else. For us, it’s all treats, and no tricks!

Happy Halloween from All of Us at Reckner Local Markets!