5 Reasons Why Project Manager Experience is Key to Research Success

5 Reasons Why Project Manager Experience is Key to Research Success

An experienced project manager (PM) can make or break your market research project. And whether you are a new or an experienced marketing researcher, they can keep you from making inadvertent mistakes and help make your project more efficient. They are critical to the process and become a true partner in getting your project done – and keeping you looking good! And if you’re new to marketing research, they can be a mentor and help teach you the ropes.

Project managers are indeed the unsung heroes of the marketing research ecosystem. They toil away behind the scenes to bring your project to a successful conclusion, on time and on budget and deliver meaningful insights. But rarely do they get the credit they deserve for making your projects successful!

Many marketing research providers experience high turnover in Project Management. Not so with Reckner. Reckner’s Project Management Team has over 55 years of experience managing marketing research projects. Here are some reasons why having Reckner’s very experienced PMs shepherding your marketing research will deliver a better outcome and experience for you:

  1. Our Project Managers have seen it all. And with their lengthy tenure, that’s a lot! They are familiar with current trends and technologies, but they also have years of experience with traditional marketing research methods. That helps them keep everything in perspective and identify potential problems, from a difficult recruit to mistakes in the screener or questionnaire, to issues with respondent fatigue.
  2. Our Project Managers are consummate problem solvers. They can see both the big picture and the nitty-gritty. They understand that even the best plans can go awry and are adept at solving problems and putting out fires. Reckner’s project managers, because they have so much experience in their roles, can see the project as a whole while also proactively identifying and resolving any potential pain points in the details.
  3. Our Project Managers become your partner. They are dedicated to client success and want you to meet your goals with minimal stress and angst. So, it is no surprise that they strive to create a partnership to give clients peace of mind. Additionally, they learn your preferences (e.g., need for detailed information, communication, and time management preferences) so they can customize your experience to meet your needs with maximum comfort and efficiency.
  4. Our Project Managers work collaboratively. Our PMs have a ton of experience and have completed thousands of marketing research projects. Still, that knowledge increases exponentially because they work together to solve problems and achieve client goals.
  5. Our Project Managers are integral in designing and improving processes. Because the Project Managers really are the lynchpin to completing marketing research, we make sure they participate in decisions about how things get done at Reckner. They know everything that is going on and how to improve our processes for a better client – and respondent – experience. They help us be more efficient and effective.

For example, shipping is always critical for product tests and sometimes becomes a problem. Our Project Management Team know what to expect from a shipper, and they can proactively step in to prevent problems from developing. Whether getting the right products in the right condition or getting products delivered on time, our project managers can collaborate with shippers to make sure that happens. In many cases, our project managers have previously worked with shippers’ representatives and have developed mutually beneficial relationships that help the process run more smoothly.

Another area where project management is key is recruiting. As marketers become more knowledgeable about their customers, they increase the number of qualified respondents’ specifications. That can sometimes leave providers recruiting “needles in a haystack.” Experienced PMs have handled many of these types of challenging recruits and can proactively offer suggestions when they see that the recruit may not be successful. They understand how to maintain the integrity of the recruit while identifying alternative approaches to complete it.

Reckner’s project managers have experience with both qualitative and quantitative marketing research in many different industries using all of the currently available marketing research methods. They set the tone for each project we complete by taking an operational point of view and striving for excellence. Project manager experience may not be a deciding factor in choosing a research partner, but if you want to ensure a successful project, it is definitely worth thinking about!

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